Board Members

Dr. Jack William Simpson

Education: Bachelor of Science, Seattle Pacific University, United States. Doctorate in Physics, Stanford University, United States
Current Positions: Computer program author and Chairman, Chief Architect, Inc., United States; Chairman, Opportunity Foundation India; Director, Nargis Library Recovery Project (Myanmar); Chairman, Opportunity Foundation (Thailand);

Dr. Jirapan Jantuang

Education: Graduate of the School of General Medicine, Royal Hospital of Mahidol University
Current Positions: Attending Physician at Nang Rong Hospital, Buriram Province; Vice Chairman, Opportunity Foundation

Ms. Tasanee Lapimai

Education: Education: Bachelor of Education in pre-kindergarten education, Rachabhat Institute of Buriram, Thailand. Presently pursuing Master Degree in English, Rachabhat University, Buriram, Thailand
Current Positions: Professional Teacher, specialized in Kindergarten Level; Secretary and Managing Director, Opportunity Foundation

Ms. Sunantha Narattkit

Education: Education: Bachelor of Science in marketing, Khon Kaen University, Kohn Kaen, Thailand.
Current Positions: Owns and operates wholesale and retail grocery and restaurant supply business; Director and Treasurer, Opportunity Foundation

Mr. Natgan Pantrakpong

Education: Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering, Khon Kaen University. Masters of Public and Private Administration, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
Current Positions: Partner and Manager of Nang Rong HomeMart Building Supply; Director, Opportunity Foundation

Ms. Walai Jantawiboon

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand. Master of Social Work, Baylor School of Social Work, Texas, USA
Current Positions: Operations Manager at Operation Blessing Foundation (Thai), Director, Opportunity Foundation

Mrs. Virginia Susan Simpson

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Bethany College, United States.
Current Positions: Managing Director and Founder, Opportunity Foundation India; Director, Opportunity Foundation (Thailand)

Solicitor Jarupong Somanyapong

Education: Bachelor of Law, Ramkamhaeng University
Current Positions: Judicial council for the provincial court of Buriram; Attorney with private practice; Director, Opportunity Foundation

Ms. Rungnapa Wapita

Education: Education graduate
Current Positions: Chairman, Rungnapa School Foundation; Director, Opportunity Foundation