Appropriate Behavior Towards Our Children

I will treat all children with respect and dignity.

I will be sensitive to the child’s language, conversation and physical expressions.

I will not hire children as house help or place a child in situations of exploitative labour.

I will not stay overnight alone with one or more non-related children or minors at the Village or elsewhere.

I will not fondle, hold, kiss, cuddle, or touch the children at the Village in an inappropriate or culturally insensitive way.

I will not touch sexual areas of the body or have sex with a child or children.

I will not expose a child to sexual materials or abuse them through non contact sexual activity.

I will ensure that at least two adults must be present at all times during the activities with which the children are involved.

I will not spend time alone with a child to avoid and protect me from false accusation.

I will not slap or hit a child or physically abuse any child.

I will not psychologically and/or verbally abuse any child.

I will avoid flirting, unwelcome flattering, or making suggestive comments to any child.

I will stop immediately any interaction with a child if the child says stop or if the child appears uncomfortable with the interaction.

I will always be responsible for my behaviour with a child even if the child appears to be acting seductively.

I will act appropriately in relationships with the children and will at the same time show them love and compassion, and caring.

I will adhere to any other additional advice released by the Foundation even after the time of my signature here below.