New Project Needs both Volunteers and Staff

We are currently looking for volunteers and staff for the new Pre-Adoption Infant Care Program.

Opportunity Foundation is seeking an experienced and qualified person or persons to lead in the development and planning of a future care program and facility for newborn babies. This person should have relevant training, knowledge and experience in newborn care. These newborns have been abandoned, given up by their birth mother to the government for adoption (locally or international adoption). There is some possibility of infants from premature births as well as attempted abortions, with resultant emotional and physical health issues. Opportunity Foundation will provide care for these children in a safe and developmentally rich environment until they are given long-term placements in families. As a result, Opportunity Foundation would normally care for these children anywhere from a few days to up to three years, depending on the circumstances of the child and the matching process for adoption. We need someone to lead in the development and/or head this program head, as well as people to care for these infants, ranging from newborn to two years or older. Knowledge and experience with infant care would be desirable for all caretakers. Thai language capability is beneficial but not be required in some cases for professional staff or general childcare volunteers.