Volunteering for Opportunity Foundation

One of the best things about volunteering with Opportunity Foundation is that you get to stay in the Nang Rong area. In the future, a guest house for volunteers will be constructed in Opportunity Village, but there are presently several small guest houses in the area.

Volunteers can stay in a Nang Rong hotel or guest house charging about 350 baht (approximately 10 US$) per night for an air-conditioned room and breakfast. While often not necessary, motorbike rental at about $7 per day is avaiable from many guest houses for transportation. Until such time as construction of our own apartments are completed we can assist longer term volunteers to find monthly rentals for accommodations in Nang Rong.

We do not charge "ground fees" or other charges to volunteers. Volunteers are expected to provide for their own lodging and food. While we currently have no set policy for groups, larger groups visiting us have usually provided donations, some of which we use to provide restaurant visits and other activities with them and our people, etc.

On a case by case basis, the foundation can provide a room and food in one of our child homes for a few long term female volunteers. While the food is standard Thai, we did have one vegetarian (not vegan) with us for six months and it worked out great.

Depending on their skills, volunteers can have a variety of tasks such as infant care, tree planting, fish pond building and other landscape jobs. If you have training or experience in child or youth related social work, psychology, child development, infant care, or have experience in some other aspect of child care, from simply having been a parent to a university degree, we’d like to talk with you.

Of course, there is always the "big kahuna" of volunteer work in Thailand - teaching English!

We primarily accomodate two basic types of volunteers: groups visiting for a few days to a week and individuals, usually but not exclusively female, volunteering for two months or longer. It is difficult for us in staff overhead time and the time for a volunteer to "get their feet on the ground" in a new culture with a new language to accept individuals staying for a shorter time. There are exceptions. Special skills and other things can be significant. Speaking Thai as well as good English can be a game changer. When in doubt, get in touch with us.

For long term volunteers, we unabasedly look for those who can really help us, not those looking for a great experience. When you see how you have impacted our girls and how much you accomplish, you WILL have a truly great experience.

Volunteer Reports