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We are looking for staff in several areas. Currently we are looking for parents to head up a family, which will start out small, and very slowly could grow to as many as twelve children. Parents heading the larger families will have help both from older children in their families as well as "big sisters" working with the foundation. Currently the families reside in homes that are rented by the foundations, located in Nang Rong. In the future, the homes will be located in the park like setting of Opportunity Village, which is currently in the stage of development and construction. In addition to housing each family is provided with, in addition to housing food, utilities, school, healthcare, transportation and all other expenses associated with raising children. A stipend is also paid to the staff parenting the children.

Our children, generally victims of abuse, do have special needs, and Opportunity Foundation has professional staff to support the family parents in caring planning and providing care for these children. The mother and father would give the normal care that any mother and father would give, recognizing that the amount of attention and loving care required for healing the brokenness of each child is significant. The victims of abuse that we care for are girls, and the female parent would carry a large responsibility for the care of the children, particularly in view of the fact that their abusers have in most cases been male. Opportunity Foundation requires that the mother will be a "full time mother", with the children being her first time commitment priority. Therefore, the mother’s outside income generating activities, employment by the foundation, or community interests would need to be secondary, and would depend on individual circumstances. The father must also make the children’s needs his first priority, although he will be encouraged to work outside at whatever occupation is suitable for him. Outside employment and activities of the husband and wife who are family parents must be mutually agreeable with Opportunity Foundation management, and must not interfere with the mother or father fulfilling their parenting responsibilities. The father and mother must to be available to their family’s children for reasonable amounts of time, providing for healthy and wholesome family activities together.

All our current parents are Thai, but foreigners are welcome to apply for this position. They must both speak Thai, and be prepared to make a commitment to raising to adulthood the Opportunity Foundation children that become their family. We anticipate that some of our foreigner parents will come to us through our volunteer program, where they decide to learn Thai after working with and falling in love with our children.

Other Professions

We hire social workers, psychologists, bookkeepers, administrators, clerical workers, landscape and garden workers and other professions. We hire independently of the prospects religion and national origin. Thai speaking ability is required for many but not all jobs. Current listings are below.