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 Chief Architect, Inc.

Chief Architect Employees

Employees at Chief Architect

A computer software company based in the United States. It sells construction and home design software world wide both to professional and consumer users. The company has assisted with financial as well as site and building design work for the foundation. Opportunity Foundation, Inc., the U.S. 501(C)3 foundation that contributes support to Opportunity Foundation in Thailand and Opportunity Foundation India is currently housed and supported by this company.

6500 N. Mineral Dr., Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 USA
Tel: 208.292.3400


 Cement Thai Home Mart Co.,Ltd.

The Nang Rong superstore branch of the nationwide Thailand building supply company along with another Cement Thai division C.P.A.C. Concrete Products Co., Ltd. of Nang Rong has provided advice as well as discounted high quality materials to the foundation.

Nang Rong Kehapan Home Mart
198/50 Chokchai – Detvdom Road
Nang Rong, Buriram 31110
Tel: 044-633333
Fax: 044-633334



A custom home building company that operates throughout Thailand. The company has provided designs and specifications for the children’s homes. We worked primarily with the Nakornratchasima office Tel: 0-4424-7333.

Main Office: 82/3 wongwan Bangcheungnung Talingchan Bangkok 10170
Tel: 0-2447-9026-9