About Us

Opportunity Foundation was formed and registered in Thailand in 2007 to care for abandoned and abused children. Facilities and staff of the foundation are located in Nang Rong City, in Buriram province.

Opportunity Foundation took the first children into its care in June 2008. During the initial phase the foundation will provide care for girl children aged newborn to ten years. Foundation homes provide care is in family settings with parents (also foundation staff), supported by psychologists, social workers and other professional staff and advisors. Plans include the capacity to care for more than one hundred children within four years.

Name: Opportunity Foundation

License Number: BR 2/2550 date 19 April 2550

Vision: Working with government and other organizations to promote social welfare, providing assistance to people who have suffered abuse and need services not available elsewhere (such as specialized professional staff and facilities) in order to provide them with opportunities for better lives.

Mission: Prepare homes with a warm and safe family atmosphere for children and elderly who have suffered abuse, bringing healing and restoration, and development in accordance with Thai culture and way of life.

Objective: Promote services and support for family life and its complete and enduring development.

Tasks: Build Opportunity Village as a place with an atmosphere of safety and family love.

Goal: To be a center providing care for cases received from government and other organizations.

Target Group: The focus for initial years of foundation operations is girl children (new born to twelve years) who have been physically or emotionally abused with no safe place to live.

Geographic Area: Primary target area – Southern Isaan area of Thailand. Secondary target area – Thailand and bordering areas of surrounding countries.

Source of Funding: Private organizations and individuals within Thailand and internationally