Trafficking Prevention

Opportunity Foundation participated in and assisted the Nang Rong District in setting up a provincial sub-committee to combat trafficking and child abuse. Under the leadership of the provincial Social Welfare Director and the Head of Nang Rong District, with representatives from law enforcement, education, health and other governmental and private entities, the committee has already resulted in communication of vital information for law enforcement and assistance in cases of trafficking and abuse. This committee will continue to provide a valuable forum for coordinating actions to prevent and stop such abuse.

Another important geographic consideration in trafficking prevention is that Nang Rong is only approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the northeastern border Thai with Cambodian. Northeastern Cambodia is a particularly undeveloped area, where many are living in desperate poverty with little opportunity of any kind... and therefore susceptible to the lures of human traffickers’ promises of money and life opportunities. This border area has many crossing points into Thailand, and is a very convenient route for trafficking out of Cambodia.